Masih Ada Kesempatan untuk Menjadi Bagian dari Program Sarjana PPM School of Management

PPM School of Management kembali membuka seleksi penerimaan calon mahasiswa program sarjana tahun 2017, berikut penjelasan singkat mengenai Program Sarjana yang diselenggarakan di PPM School of Management.


Pembukaan Program Magister Manajemen Sekolah Tinggi manajemen PPM Tahun 2017

Menjadi wahana pembelajaran manajemen unggulan dan berelevansi praktek yang didasari nilai-nilai luhur, yang terus dikembangkan secara berkelanjutan.


program BACHELOR

Bachelor of Business Management (SMB) program is designed to generate graduates who are capable of being an entrepreneur and executives who are reliable...


program MASTER

Being a vehicle of learning and management practices based on noble values which continue to be developed in a sustainable manner.


upcoming EVENTS

PPM Digital Arts Festival
The 8th PPM Business Case Competition - 13/07/2017
The 3rd PPM Accounting Competition - 01/11/2016
The 7th PPM Business Case Competition - 08/09/2016
Konferensi Nasional Riset Manajemen X - 20/09/2016

The Way of Leaves

A tree does not only exist as an upright bark. A living tree constantly generates new leaves. When a tree grows with rich foliage, a new perspective looms on the horizon. The growth of a tree ushers in change, renewal and enrichment of the landscape.

In the same way, a growing organization or company is one that is able to sprout new leaves: new lines of business, new management methods, new ways of service, new resources. A growing organization always needs to be visionary.

Through this way, PPM Management keeps standing along its partners in walking The Way of The Leaves growing and developing to become a significant organization and an esteemed economic player.

Life is no mere existences.

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