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Alumni PPM: Dari Profesional ke Pelayan Publik

Ability to manage resources and communicate also negotiate with other parties are great combination to achieve high results. Those things are also essential requirements at ascending career to the next level. Eventually, the essence of exepreneur is the capability  in management.

It might be the reason of President Jokowi emphasized that the problem of this nation lies in management. There is a big optimism that most of the problems in this nation can be solved as long as every public sector leaders own a comprehensive management skill.

"Management of the corporate and the government fundamentally differ in performance assessment matrix. One more emphasize on profit and the other on public services,” said Rudiantara, The Minister of Commmunication and Information in Indonesia who is alumni from Wijawiyata Manajemen Program batch 13 on Sharing Session Alumni Association PPM  titled “From Professionals to be Public Servants" in the Gathering Room PPM (8/1).

Besides Rudiantara, another speakers in the Sharing Session are Zulkifli Hasan, Chairman of the Constitutional Committee (MPR) from Executive Graduate Program batch 29 and Hari Tanjung, the Board of Experts in Nasional Demokrat from Executive Graduate Program batch 23. They are the executives and state officials who are also alumni of PPM SoM. They was present to share about experiences in the application of management in the business and politics world.

In this alumni gathering,  participants learned how men from the business world who devote themselves as state officials. They also got opportunity to ask is there any differences in managing a public institutions with a corporate. RIF-ANK / 1/15.