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"Being a vehicle of learning and management practices based on noble values which continue to be developed in a sustainable manner."


  • Performing management education based on current management science with application-oriented.
  • Performing excellent research in the field of management, with a high commitment, in order to develop professionalism;
  • Developing high social responsibility through community development programs; and
  • Developing extensive national and international networks to support world-class learning process.

"Preparing students to develop theirselves to become managers and leaders of change, as a pioneer in implementing the knowledge and management skills in an integrated manner by honoring moral values and business ethics".


  • To have a rational and creative problem-solving and decision-making within the scope of the functional;
  • To have a profound functional management skills;
  • To have the skills to work by global current management science with the adaption to local business practices and based on the values of business ethics;
  • To have self-confidence, the ability to build relationships, ability to lead a group, and the desire and ability to keep growing;
  • To have the ability to apply knowledge and management practices that add value to organizational life and society; and
  • To have a high social sensitivity.

The curriculum of Graduate Program PPM SoM has 39 semester credit units, which consist of five groups: (i) group of Matriculation subjects, (ii) group of Basic subjects, (iii) group of Functional subjects, (iv) group of Integration subjects, and (v) group of Functional Concentration subjects. The courses or subjects within the curriculum can be seen in Table 1 and Table 2.

Table 1 - Structure of Curriculum in Graduate Program PPM SoM - Subject, Weight of Credits, and Competence

Table 2 - Structure of Curriculum in Graduate Program PPM SoM - Course and Learning Methods

Graduate Program PPM SoM provides 28 elective courses. The elective courses offered by the groups of management functional in PPM SoM with groupings as in Table 3. Each student must take four courses or eight credits of elective courses. For students who want to explore a particular functional area, then the student should take the entire course in one expertise group. For example, a student wants to deepen expertise in the field of Financial Management, then he/she will take the whole of four elective courses from a functional group, namely the Financial Management skills. Students who take this pattern is called taking a concentration in Financial Management. For students with a minimum 3.7 GPA allowed to take one additional elective courses are offered.

Students can also obtain certification of skills. Graduate Program PPM SoM cooperates with LSPMR or Risk Management Professional Certification Institute ( - an institution that derives its authority from the Government of Indonesia to provide professional certification Risk Management - to test the skills of students in the field of Risk Management. Elective courses must be taken of students who want to get certified is 6 credits of Financial Management, especially Risk Management (elective courses 18/26, 18/27 and 18/28) plus one elective course of other functional course. At the hearing the thesis, the student will be tested by the SAT from Master Management Program at PPM SoM and an expert examiner of LSPMR.

Table 3 - Grouping Electives Graduate Program PPM SoM