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Ir. Erlinda N. Yunus, MM. Ph.D.

Since 1995, she was appointed as Professional staff in Operation Management Division, Institute for Management Education and Development (Lembaga Manajemen PPM), with range of assignments as follows:

Teaching for in-house training, public seminars and magister management program with various subjects: operations/production management, inventory management, quality management, systems thinking, time management and problem solving & decision making.

Design and teach various specialties in operations: supply chain management, logistics management, office management and records management.

Consultancies for government agencies and private companies in the area of Operations and Human Resources. The assignments.

Include a number of subjects: supply chain evaluation, workload analysis, rewards management, records management, and management audit.

Cover several kind of business: manufacturing, golf operations, banking, non-profit institutions, and hospital.

By July 2012, Erlinda has completing her study at Southern Illinois University Carbondale, Illinois USA, and she deserve for Doctor of Philoshophy in Business and Administration.

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